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Republican Tax Plan Would Hurt Bay Area Taxpayers

The Republican tax plan was crafted to hurt states with expensive housing and higher taxes. Californians would end up paying more under the plan. Republicans need to be held accountable for...

Fight the Unjustified Recall of Sen. Newman

Republicans are targeting Sen. Josh Newman in Orange County. They are trying to subvert the election process by abusing the recall process. Help Josh Newman by donating money or time to his #...

Governor Brown Signs Extension of Landmark Cap and Trade Legislation

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation on Tuesday to extend California's cap-and-trade program, solidifying the state's battle against global warming as ...

Upcoming Events

Democratic TV

Jason Baker, Democratic Television of Santa Clara County

Bill James talks with Jason Baker, former Mayor of Campbell and current candidate for Santa Clara County Supervisor District #4.

Dominic Caserta, Democratic Television of Santa Clara County

Bill James talks with Dominic Caserta, current Santa Clara City Vice Mayor, about his work for the city, being a civics teacher, and discuss his campaign for Santa Clara County Supervisor District #4.

What's New At HQ

The Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee held its organizational meeting on January 5, 2017.  The members elected in the June 2016 Primary election were sworn in, and they were joined by newly-appointed club representatives and alternates representing our ex officio members. The Party also elected a new team of officers, including new Chair Bill James. 

Learn about the new officers here: meet-our-officers