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Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act Subsidies

"Today's decision is a victory for every hardworking American. Access to quality, affordable health care is a right, not a privilege." - President Obama

Elizabeth Warren Give Rousing Address to Delegates

Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusets gave a rousing address at the California Democratic Convention on May 16 in Anaheim. She articulated clearly the values of Democrats and the...

SCCDP Endorses Tim Orozco for San Jose District 4

In the important special election to be held in April, the Santa Clara County Democratic Party supports Tim Orozco. Tim will be a champion for Democratic Party values and a strong advocate...

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What's New At HQ

The California Democratic Party passed a series of important resolutions at the CDP Convention on Sunday, May 17.

  • Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Make California Work Better for Working Women
  • Repealing California's Personal Belief Exemption to Mandatory Vaccinations
  • Resolution on Fighting Inequality by Expanding Economic Opportunity
  • Rebuild California by Making the Commercial Property Tax Code Fair
  • Calling for the Republican Party to Stop Blocking Student Loan Debt Relief
  • Resolution in Support of Divestment from Fossil Fuel Companies
  • "I Can't Breathe" - Medical Aid and Transparency in Police Encounters
  • California's Senior Bill of Rights
  • Calling Upon the Republican Party to Address Climate Change Now
  • Resolution in Opposition to Arctic Oil Drilling Permit


Read the resolutions here.