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A Legislative Supermajority: Now What?

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Now that Californians have elected a Democratic supermajority to the State Legislature, the looming question is:  What next? What will Democratic priorities be now that the Party can govern unentangled by a reactionary minority determined to squelch progress at all costs? 

While Governor Brown has made clear his opposition to new taxes without voter approval, Democrats can still hike fees or close loopholes at their discretion. A supermajority also allows them to propose structural changes to the state's Constitution, like amending the two-thirds rule on taxes, that would make governing easier.

Robert Cruickshank, a writer for the blog Calitics, suggests that Democrats should not be shy about using their newfound power.  "The only way Democrats can upset those who put them in this exalted position is to be hesitant and timid," he argues.  "As recent history shows, Democratic supermajorities always evaporate when they aren't used to solve deeper problems."  Cruickshank has a thought-provoking take on what Democrats might focus on, including universal health care and increased school funding.  The whole thing is worth reading here.


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