SCCDC Officers

The Santa Clara County Central Committee (SCCDCC) is the official body of the Democratic Party in Santa Clara County. Its members are either elected from State Assembly Districts in the California primary election or are state and national office holders or their representatives.

Voting Members

Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Central Committee

2011-2012 Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee Executive Committee


Steve Preminger, chair at

Vice Chair
Bill James, vice-chair at

Andrae Macapinlac, secretary at

Forrest Williams, treasurer at

  • Community Services and Voter Registration: Judy Pipkin, volunteer at
  • Finance: Emy Thurber
  • Campaign Services: Ann Grabowski, campaign at
  • Candidate Recruitment and Endorsement: Darcie Green, endorse at
  • Communications: David Cohen, communications at
  • Issues: Andres Quintero, issues at
  • Political Outreach: Diane Rolfe, clubs at