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  • Democrats are committed to working for

    • A government maintains a strong national defense while acting diligently to promote peace.
    • A government that makes policies beneficial to all, instead of just those who are already rich.
    • A government that works to protect its citizens by promoting safer and healthier workplaces.
    • A government that ensures a living wage.
    • A government that demands accountability from CEOs.
    • A government that is open to scrutiny and expects its actions to be monitored by its citizens.
    • A government that assists the needy at home and abroad.
    • A government that wants a cleaner environment, promotes renewable and efficient energy sources, and punishes companies that pollute the environment.
    • A government that achieves both a balanced budget and deficit reduction by spending taxpayers' money wisely and sets revenue requirements fairly.
    • A government of representatives that vote for their constituent's needs first rather than those of their lobbyists.
    • A government and its representatives who uphold the rule of law, and strive to protect our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.
    • A president who is democratically elected by the majority of Americans.
  • Talking Points

    California Democratic Party - National Security Platform California Democrats support a strong national defense that includes considerations for all aspects of defense, not just the Armed Forces. We are committed to a foreign policy that holds the use of military forces as the last defense option, only when all else fails. We support the consolidation of all aspects of the national defense budget, now spread among Defense, State, Energy, Homeland Security and other cabinet departments, into a single, consolidated budget line item, so that redundancies can be eliminated and, more importantly, no aspect of total national defense goes under-served.

    National Security. California Democrats believe in a comprehensive approach to our national security in which war is a last resort. That security is enhanced, not weakened, by our commitment to the values embodied in our nation's founding documents.