States Stand to Gain from Obamacare

While some Republican governors have complained that expanding Medicaid to cover more low-income people will cost too much, most states will actually come out ahead, according to a joint report by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Urban Institute. Although exact figures vary by state, on the whole, states could gain as much as $9 for every $1 spent to cover the low-income uninsured. "It's hard to conclude anything other than this is pretty attractive and should be pretty hard for states to walk away from," said John Holahan, head of the Urban Institute's Health Policy Research Center and the main author of the study.  Nevertheless, some states have refused the Medicaid expansion, including Texas, which has the highest percentage of uninsured residents.

Expanding Medicaid is just one way Obamacare will cover the approximately 50 million Americans without health insurance.  Next year, health insurance exchanges will offer subsidized private insurance to the middle class.