7:00 PM, County Building, 70 W Hedding St. San Jose

Meeting will start at 7:00 pm sharp

MINUTES FOR Thursday, September 7, 2017



1.        CALL TO ORDER

7:05 pm


2.        ROLL CALL

Absent:  Gilbert Wong, Chris Stampolis, Albert Hernandez, Emilie Gatfield, Aimee Escobar, Andres Quintero, Juan Quinones, Adrienne Gray, Shaian Mohammadi, Brian O’Neill, Dave Poeschel, Danielle Davenport

Alternates for: Kansen Chu, Ash Kalra, Mark Stone, Ana Caballero, Jerry Hill, Bill Monning, Zoe Lofgren, Jimmy Pannetta, and Anna Eshoo



Terry Sandoval

Parker Mankey

Brent Turner

Eleni Kounalakis

Dave Jones



Approved w/additions of two guest speakers

        5.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES (Minutes are/will be posted at

      a. Thursday, August 3, 2017 – approved


        6.      OLD BUSINESS

                 a. Bylaws revision follow-up: Rules of Decorum- sign and return

                 Bill passed out the Rules of Decorum form and asked those who had not signed to complete.


         7.      NEW BUSINESS


a. Guest, Brent Turner for Ruben Major for CA Secretary of State

                Brent Turner shared information on the campaign for Ruben Major for CA Secretary of State


                b. Guest, Eleni Kounalakis for Lt. Governor, State of California

Eleni Kounalakis who is running for Lt. Governor introduced herself to the member and shared information about her campaign.       


c. Resolution in Support of Single Payer Healthcare in California – Johannes Müenzel

                Resolution passed


                d. Proposed Changes to Endorsement in Local Races Act – Clarence Madrilejos

                    i. Preview changes to be approved in September – Clarence Madrilejos

Clarence shared the draft changes for the endorsement in local races act.  This is the first reading. Members can still submit comments. 2nd draft will be presented at the next meeting.

                   ii. Consider potential changes regarding recusal – Bill James     

Bill presented the Endorsement Conflict survey and asked members to complete and return.  Clarence provided answers to the member’s questions.


e. Update re Bridge Housing – Sergio Jimenez

Councilmember Jimenez provided an update on City Council actions and dialogue on potential Bridge Housing sites as part of the Legislation (AB 2176).


f.  South Bay Swing Left – Carly Hasbrook

Swing Left is focusing efforts on the 10th Congressional District (Jeff Dunham) and engaging voters. Signed up 66 voters, upgraded many to vote by mail and have recruited volunteers.  They need help canvassing.  To get more information go to


e. Guest: Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones

Dave Jones who is running for Attorney General introduced himself to the members and shared information about his campaign.




a. Executive Board/Chair: Bill James –

        Bill shared that there is a fundraiser this Sunday to raise money for the party.

b. Vice Chair: John Comiskeyno report

c. Treasurer: Angelica Ramos  - no report

d. Secretary: Helen Chapman – no report

e. Issues: Shay Franco-Clausen – no report

f. Community Services and Voter Registration: Judy Pipkinno report

g. Finance: Prameela Bartholomeusz

We need your help to become a monthly donor.  The comedy event is this Sunday and plan on fundraisers occurring now every month.


h. Endorsements Chair: Clarence Madrilejos  - See earlier report

i. Communications: David Cohen –

David along with Peter Chiu presented an update from the Ex Board meeting in Anaheim. There was a lot of activity and work on pending resolutions and legislation. 60 Bills on the Agenda, and lots of energy in the room. Endorsement threshold changed to 60%.


j. Gender Equity and the Status of Women: Jean Cohen – no report


k. Campaign Services: Jeff Cardenas – provided an update on the Voter Services Committee

Adia Hoag also provided an update on the Organizational Development Committee and the work to bring in more groups and to be more inclusive. Took action on SB 54


l. Clubs: Alex Wara-Macapinlacsee Club reports under announcements.


m. Regional Director:

1) Rocky Fernandez, Region 5

2) Hene Kelley, Region 6 – Working on pre-endorsement meeting. Process is going smoothly, with need to put in alternates.

3) Omar Torres, Region 7  - October 7th at SEIU Hall in Santa Cruz is next meeting, Anthony Villaraigosa is expected to be the guest speaker.


n. Democratic National Committee: Otto Lee 

o. DTV Report: Steve Chessin reported that due to the Convention, he did not produce a show in May. Emily Ann Ramos, President of the Silicon Valley Young Democrats was on DTV in June. Dominic Caserta, candidate for Supervisor, District 4 was the guest in July. There was no show in August since the producer was out of town.  Guest in September is Jason Baker. Always could use good Democrats on the crew.  No prior video experience necessary.

         p. Pro-Choice Coalition: Claudia Shopeno report.

        9.     Announcements

                CLUB REPORTS

                Dean Club

                Next Meeting is September 11th. Guest speaker is Dottie Nygard, Candidate for Congressional District 10.

                Address of the event is 1112 S. Bernardo Ave., Sunnyvale.



                October 21st is the SVAPAD gala at Michael’s at the Shoreline.  Earlybird tickets are $75.  Kevin DeLeon is the guest speaker.


                21st Century Club

                Peter shared Ben Field will be guest speaker at the next lunch and that Delanie Easton will be the headliner in October.


                South County Democrats

Joan Fierro shared annual fundraiser is in Morgan Hill 12:00 – 3:00 at the Morgan Hill Cellars this Saturday. Dave Jones and John Chiang will be guest speakers.  Tickets $20.00



Shared their event was a big success.  GEM award went to Ash Kalra.  Betty Duong received award for her work on Measure A.  Jean Cohen was presented with an award for her work tonight at the Central Committee.


                Peninsula Democratic Coalition

Good turnout for August 19, 2017 Big Annual Fundraiser and potluck at Cuesta Park in Mt. View.  Larry Diamond speaking at the next luncheon on November 5th.  December 16th meeting will be at the home of the Thurber’s.


SCDCC – Fred Rehhauuser – report shared – Held their annual picnic at Harris-Lass Museum on August 19th – Ash Kalra was the guest speaker.  Pat Harris is running against Diane Feinstein.  The focus of the September meeting will be Rob Means talking about voter suppression.


                SVYD – Next meeting is at the Techcode in Mountain View.


                Evergreen Dem Club – Pam Kinsley – Next meeting, guest speaker will be Zoe Lofgren


                Sunnyvale Democratic Club – September 16th is the next meeting.  Subject will be on Climate Change and the Food scrap program.


                Bayshore Progressive Dems – Organized a rally in response to Charlottesville.  Dotty Nygard will be speaking the their next meeting.


Milpitas Democratic Club – Held successful forum on school participation.  Next month the next topic will be faith based leadership forum.



                September 20th 6pm Dem Headquarters, 2901 Moorpark Ave

         11.  ADJOURNMENT

                Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm