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Biden Gets Ryan to Admit True Agenda

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Last night's vice-presidential debate was a joy to watch, with a fearless and confident Joe Biden relentlessly eliciting and then demolishing the talking points behind the Romney/Ryan campaign and -- to use one of Uncle Joe's favorite words -- literally laughing in the face of their lies.

Biden uncovered the GOP ticket's essential ignorance on foreign affairs (from Israel and Syria to Iran and Afghanistan). He vigorously defended the stimulus, noting that even Ryan had had his hand out for federal stimulus money.  Biden was single-minded in his defense of the middle class, recalling Romney's notorious 47% comments repeatedly. He also gave a thoughtful and moving defense of the pro-choice position, reminding viewers that one's personal faith should not be imposed on others, and, not incidentally, reminding those same viewers that the Romney/Ryan ticket has a very different position.

However, what should be the big story out of this debate is what the GOP has planned for Social Security.  As expected, the Vice President hammered Ryan on his plans to turn Medicare into a voucher program.  But incredibly, Ryan also came out in support of privatizing Social Security. Biden put the kibosh on that idea: “With regard to Social Security, we will not privatize it,” he said. “If we listened to Romney in the Bush years imagine where the seniors would be now if their money had been in the market. Their ideas are old. Their ideas are bad.”

The best analysis came from Charles Pierce at Esquire. After noting that, as the vice-presidential nominee,  Biden has had the good luck to debate two wide-eyed neophytes on the national stage, Pierce asks, "You know what's the difference between Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan?


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