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Romney Tries -- And Fails -- on Foreign Policy

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He believes that Syria is Iran's path to the sea. He thinks a comparison of the U.S. Navy before World War I and today is useful. He is aware of much "tumult" in the Middle East. He wants to haul Mahmoud Ahmedinejad before the "World Court" (there is no such thing) for "genocide." He believes that calling Russia our biggest enemy and calling it our number one geopolitical foe are two different things.

Sigh.  To no one's surprise, Mitt Romney came off looking like the foreign policy neophyte that he is at the last presidential debate.  Perspiration glistening on his upper lip, Romney tried hard to recall the factoids crammed into his head during the pre-debate prep, but came up short. In contrast, President Obama was self-assured and in command, schooling his opponent on the nature of the defense budget, relations with Israel, the complexities of Middle East diplomacy, and the reality of dealing with China, among other topics. If there was any doubt about which candidate will better serve America's interests around the world, Monday night's contest put it to rest.  Even Mitt Romney agrees.

(Thanks to ABL at Balloon Juice for the graphic.)

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