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GOP Announces Chairmen for 113th Congress: All White Men

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House Republicans announced their picks for incoming committee chairmen this week, and guess what?  They're all white men.  Now, I love white men -- I'm married to one, and I'm the mother of two. But after an election in which the forces of diversity left an unmistakable and lasting mark, it's hard to believe that the losing party wouldn't be searching for faces outside its lily-white circle.

In their defense, House Republicans don't exactly have a deep bench in that regard.  Out of 234 House Republicans, for example, only 20 are women, compared to 61 out of the 200 Democratic members. With even fewer minority members, the GOP side of the aisle is about 90 percent white and male.  The difference is stark -- and visible: “One thing that’s always been very startling to me is to see that on the floor of the House of Representatives when you look over on one side where the Democrats caucus and you look to the other side and it looks like two different visions of America,” says Democratic Congresswoman Donna Edwards, 54.

Republicans, unfortunately, apparently still only have one vision of America -- a white one.  The simple truth is that the longer that vision endures, the smaller the party's prospects become.

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