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Join the Club!

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A great way to get involved as a local Democrat is to join one of our great clubs – there are more than a dozen to choose from, covering a variety of interests, ages and geographic areas within Santa Clara County. View them all on our club page here. This year, we highlight each of our clubs as part of a new occasional blog series, “Join the Club.” First up:  The Dean Club.

Officially known as the Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley, the group got its start back in 2003. As the country plunged into the dark ravine otherwise known as the George Bush era, many found hope in the candidacy of Howard Dean and his message of progressive, positive change. Once Dean’s presidential campaign was over, his supporters in Silicon Valley decided to remain together and continue their activism locally.  Loosely affiliated with Democracy for America, the national group that grew out of the Dean campaign, today’s Dean Club is now a powerhouse for progressive, grassroots action.

Since 2004, the group has walked hundreds of miles and made thousands of phone calls on behalf of their endorsed candidates. In 2012 alone, members trekked to Nevada to campaign for President Obama, fanned out in the Sacramento suburbs for Ami Bera, and spent hours traveling to small Delta towns to support the fledgling candidacy of Jose Hernandez. They also provided key grassroots support for Jim Beall’s State Senate campaign. Want more? How about raising $18K for Jerry McNerney, lobbying on behalf of the California DISCLOSE Act, and registering hundreds of new Democrats! (And this is just a partial list – visit their website to see it all.)  

The Dean Club’s focus is on electing strong-minded progressives and ensuring a clean and fair political playing field.  It sets clear goals every year and tracks its progress. Many of its members are key players in the local Democratic Party structure. Says member Carolyn Curtis, “Among Santa Clara County Democratic clubs, we're known as the club that walks the walk.” Fellow member Swanee Edwards agrees. “I joined the Dean Club even though it meets far from where I live because I wanted to be a part of the best club in the County – a club that gets things done, sets goals and has great people that encourage activism”

Interested in learning more? The Dean Club’s next meeting will be held Wednesday, February 6th, in Palo Alto, from 7-9 p.m. The topic: “Defending the California Environmental Protection Act – Information and Action!” Full details are here.

(Pictured above: Dean Club members at a club-sponsored fundraiser for the DISCLOSE Act.)

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