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Cindy Chavez Sworn in as County Supervisor

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An overflow crowd came out to see Cindy Chavez sworn in as County Supervisor August 20. In fact, it was a double overflow crowd – not only were people turned away from the actual ceremony in the County Chambers, but they were also turned away from the Isaac Newton Auditorium, where hundreds had been redirected after fire marshals declared the County Chambers full. No matter. With two large halls stuffed to capacity, dozens of supporters also gathered in the hallways, clustered around monitors to watch – and cheer – the proceedings.

The occasion was a festive one, with ChCindyinese lion dancers, young mariachis, and a Girl Scout troop who led the Pledge of Allegiance. Representative Zoe Lofgren, who administered the Oath of Office, recalled knowing Chavez as a constituent (“always ready to go to bat for people who needed her”), a representative (“an advocate for things that matter”), and as a mother, noting, “It’s good to have a mother on the Board of Supervisors!”

In remarks following the ceremony, Chavez thanked her family as well as a number of current and former local officeholders –  including Jim Beall, Susanne Wilson and Dave Cortese – who have been personal mentors. She celebrated “this dynamic, multi-cultural community” and expressed her gratitude to those who work for the county for their “dedication and for continuing to fight for the neediest among us.” Promising to be an advocate for those who “haven’t given up on government,” Chavez pledged to work with the community to “create an environment where people thrive and prosper.”

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