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Build our Party's Future: Serve on a Board or Commission

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Active Democrats looking to make a positive impact on their community should seriously consider joining a local board or commission. These voluntary positions play a key role in advising local governments on important issues, from consumer affairs to housing and health care and more. Volunteers are usually appointed by an elected official to serve a specific term and represent a specific district. There are boards and commissions that serve individual cities as well as those that are county-wide.

Serving on a board or commission offers a unique opportunity to influence the dialogue in an area you care about or one in which you have a particular expertise, enabling you to develop and hone your skills in a specific policy area. From the Democratic Party's perspective, those who serve on boards and commissions can provide the kind of fresh insight and new ideas that keep our party closely attuned to how we can best serve those in our local communities and beyond. And, of course, the party often turns to board and commission members when opportunities arise to seek elected office.

The links below take you directly to the boards and commissions that serve Santa Clara County as well as vacancies within individual cities.


San Jose

Palo Alto

Mountain View

Los Altos

Los Altos Hills



Santa Clara




Los Gatos

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