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I’m Covered, California!!

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Written by Jordan Eldridge

On October 1, 2013 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s California health exchange, Covered California, went live. Obamacare has officially moved beyond a political talking point and has now officially become a part of our everyday lives. Personally, I couldn’t be any more excited! It eluded past presidents and Congress for nearly 100 years, but President Obama finally achieved what seemed impossible: affordable access to healthcare. While many can agree that the ACA is not ideal, it has drastically moved the goal posts toward a universal health care system that is long overdue in this country.

I signed up for health care insurance through Covered California on October 8th. I am excited about this opportunity because I have been without health care insurance for four out of the past five years. During this time I have had to deal with major health problems associated with my body rejecting mesh from repeated hernia surgeries dating from 2007. I currently have $20,000 in health care debt because I have not had insurance. Covered California will not help me out of debt; however I am finally relieved to be able to participate in California’s health exchange and obtain great health insurance at an affordable rate for my future health needs.

Based upon my income, I was able to sign up for the Anthem Blue Cross, Silver 70 PPO plan. With a low-income subsidy drastically reducing my $250 premium, I am going to be paying $41.73 a month with zero deductible and $3 co-pay. Wow! Now that is affordable! While this premium price will vary depending on your income level, I have found that this new program is indeed geared towards the middle class.

I was pleased with my experience. I highly recommend that everyone who does not have health insurance through their employer sign up for Covered California and see what savings you can get. It has certainly given me a new perspective!


Jordan Eldridge
Director, Rancho Rinconada Recreation and Park District Board of Directors
28th Assembly District Delegate, California Democratic State Central Committee
Twitter: @jordaneldridge


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