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Use our handy widget to view endorsements specific to your ballot. Includes local, county, and state elections. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE BALLOT

The Santa Clara County Democratic Party encourages you to support our endorsed candidates. See the entire list here.

Please take a few moments to complete a short survey - LINK HERE. This information will assist the Santa Clara County Democratic Party in planning our work to improve the status of women in Santa Clara County. A few years ago, the SCCDP passed a resolution on equal representation in elected office and the SCCDP’s commitment to improving the status of women In Santa Clara County. Please share the survey link with others so we can capture as much feedback as possible. 

The Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee held its organizational meeting on January 5, 2017.  The members elected in the June 2016 Primary election were sworn in, and they were joined by newly-appointed club representatives and alternates representing our ex officio members. The Party also elected a new team of officers, including new Chair Bill James. 

Learn about the new officers here: meet-our-officers

Come by our new Headquarters and join hundreds of other Democrats as we GOTV for November 8th!

Hours: M-Sat 10-8, Sun 11-6

2151 Monterey Rd. Suite 80 (In the Plant Shopping Center, next to Target)

San Jose, CA  95125

Thanks for all you do!  GO DEMS!

Please join friends, activists, candidates, and elected officials at the Emma Prusch Park in San Jose for a day of fun and friendship. Food and drinks are provided! Hosted by the Santa Clara County Democratic Party and sponsored by the Silicon Valley Democratic Club. Saturday August 6, 10:00 am. Emma Prusch Park, San Jose. 

The Madge Overhouse Volunteer of the Year Award is given to a Santa Clara County Democrat who has demonstrated, at the local level, leadership in organizing key grassroots volunteer activities. To nominate somebody for this important award, click here.

For years, the annual Democratic Dinner has been referred to as the JJ Dinner. JJ is a reference to Presidents Jefferson and Jackson. It is time to modernize the dinner and come up with a new name. We are collecting ideas to rename the 2016 dinner, which will be held on May 6. 

The dinner is our biggest event of the year and deserves a name that acknowledges our values and the creativity of Silicon Valley. 

If you have suggestions for a name, please send it to webmaster@sccdp.org.

The Democrat who provides the winning suggestion will win a prize and be acknowledged for making the suggestion.

The Platform Committee of the California Democratic Party has finalized the first draft of the 2016 Platform. The draft is now available to view online on the Platform Standing Committee Webpage. To submit amendments to the draft, a delegate must submit a written amendment using the form at the webpage. The amendment must be received by the Sacramento CDP office no later than Jan 27. Amendments must be signed by 5 different members of the Democratic Central Committee or 5 registered Democrats from 5 different Assembly Districts and must include their addresses, phone numbers, and the Assembly District in which they reside.

The California Democratic Party is coming to San Jose. The CDP Convention will be at the San Jose Convention Center Feb. 26-28. Volunteers are needed. Be a part of the excitement. http://www.cadem.org/convention/volunteers