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WHEREAS, U.S. trade negotiators have crafted the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) according to the outdated architecture of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) using a secretive and deeply flawed negotiation process; and

WHEREAS, agreements built according to NAFTA/WTO architecture have caused millions of US. job losses, substantially contributed to dismal growth in real wages, and allow foreign corporations to challenge domestic public interest laws in extra-national tribunals; and

WHEREAS, negotiations for the TPP have given multinational firms undue influence in crafting the agreement while virtually looking out organized labor, human rights advocates, environmental and public health groups, and dangerously ignoring the need for prudent financial regulation; now,

RESOLVED, that the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as currently written, because it dangerously undermines democracy and national sovereignty by expanding the ability of foreign and multinational for-profit corporations to challenge prudent public interest laws of the United States, California, and local governments, including environmental, labor, and financial regulations, through extra-national tribunals;

and, be it further RESOLVED, that the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee publically opposes Trade Promotion Authority (Fast-Track), and encourages the creation of a transparent and inclusive trade negotiation procedure that encourages the creation of alternative policies that will move us toward balanced and responsible “fair trade."