6:45 PM, County Building Cafeteria, 70 W. Hedding St., San Jose

Meeting will start at 7:00 pm sharp.

AGENDA FOR Thursday, July 7th, 2016

1.       CALL TO ORDER

2.       ROLL CALL



5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES (Minutes are/will be posted at

      a. Thursday, May 5th, 2016


a. Discussion: Proposed Resolution on Nuclear Energy

b. Discussion: Proposed Resolution on Retirement Security for All

c. Report from Dan Hoffman

d. Report from Kimberly Ellis



                a. Election Recap



a. Executive Board: Andrae Macapinlac

b. Chair: Steve Preminger

c. Vice Chair: Bill James

d. Treasurer: Forrest Williams

e. Secretary: Andrae Macapinlac

f. Issues: VACANT

g. Community Services and Voter Registration: Judy Pipkin

h. Finance: Emy Thurber

i. Candidate Recruitment and Endorsement: Ann Grabowski

j. Communications: David Cohen

k. Gender Equity and the Status of Women: Darcie Green


l. Campaign Services: Angelica Ramos

m. Political Outreach (Clubs): Alex Wara


n. Sgt at Arms: Betty Duong

o. Regional Director:

1) Royce Kelley, Region 5

2) Hene Kelley, Region 6

3) Omar Torres, Region 7


p. Democratic National Committee: Chris Stampolis

q. DTV Report: Steve Chessin

r. Pro-Choice Coalition: Claudia Shope

s. CDC Report: Emilie Gatfield






The Department of Energy is moving ahead with planning for one or more radioactive waste storage sites, including interim storage. This means that spent fuel will be transported from commercial reactors through many populated areas of California to storage dumps in other states. The Department of Energy expects accidents. The containers have not been proven able to withstand a collision without leaking. In addition, the containers are not fully shielded and continuously emit radiation while in transit on our roads and rail lines. There are concerns about the federal government’s plans and ability to deal effectively and safely with existing radioactive waste, so the California Democratic Party is being asked to adopt the below resolution to better assure public safety. The accompanying map shows likely transport routes in California assuming a storage site in Nevada. For other likely sites, in Texas or New Mexico, most of the routes would be the same. Probably the only change would be the I-15 corridor. The Department of Energy considers the impact zone for an accident to be 50 miles on either side of the transportation route.



1. The nuclear industry is attempting a comeback as a way to fight climate change, and they have support in Congress and the Department of Energy. But devoting resources to nuclear energy is counter productive. It is much more expensive and takes much longer to implement that truly renewable, clean forms of energy generation.

2. Legislation (including spending direction) regarding waste has been introduced in Washington and Sacramento.

3. The Department of Energy has recently launched a new initiative for consent-based siting of waste dumps and is moving forward with plans before they have authority from Congress.

4. The state party platform talks about phasing out reactors, but has nothing on waste storage or transport. Transport is a important issue for California. The Department of Energy expects transport accidents. Containers are not fully shielded and continuously emit radiation while in transit on our roads and rail lines. Plans include routes going through Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, Riverside, and San Bernardino and ocean barge traffic between Diablo Canyon in San Luis Obispo County and Oxnard. Besides threatening the residents of the Central Valley, an incident there threatens our water supply, food supply, transportation network, and power grid. The proposed resolution builds on the existing platform language, expands and strengthens it.

2016 CDP Platform

“Urge Congress, the California Legislature, the California Public Utilities Commission, and the California Energy Commission to reduce long-term reliance on non-renewable nuclear power including the phaseout of reactors that cannot be shown to be economically viable, to ensure the safety and fully evaluate the economic viability and full lifecycle costs of nuclear power, to quickly decommission and withhold funding for license renewal for Mark 1 nuclear reactors that cannot be made safe, and to provide emergency plans and adequate liability protection for populations within 50 miles of reactors and in the event that nuclear reactors are decommissioned due to safety or economic 11 concerns that there shall be a comprehensive employment plan that includes Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) for workers employed to tear down and remove the plant;”

Support As of May 14, 2016, Supported by Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley (unanimous), Beach Cities Democratic Club, Democratic Club of Kern River Valley, Nevada County Central Committee, Brian Caples, Frederic Martin, Joel Masser, Rita Xavier, Lowell Young


Proposed Resolution

Resolution Concerning Nuclear Energy

WHEREAS California Democrats hold a shared interest in protecting the people of California, their property, and the environment, and the use of nuclear energy entails unavoidable radioactive waste generated by mining, fuel processing, and plant operation, and using interim storage would double transport cost and would more than double the risks, and all attempts during the past 70 years to solve the problems of permanent storage of nuclear waste have failed, and all attempts to devise a method of generating nuclear energy without creating radioactive waste have likewise failed;

and WHEREAS accidents at nuclear energy generating plants pose unacceptable risks to life, health, property, and the environment, these risks will only grow with increased climate instability, and reactors sited upon earthquake faults next to the ocean pose extraordinary risk of an accident and aggravated damage due to tsunami, and accidents at storage sites pose equally unacceptable risks, and the geological setting of the proposed Yucca Mountain storage site is inappropriate due to faults and likelihood of groundwater contamination;

and WHEREAS there exists a history of container failure, and there exists a history of rail and highway accidents with hazardous and explosive materials, and there exists a history of siting hazardous activity in or near disadvantaged communities, and there exists a history of decision making without consulting the will of the people;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party declares that nuclear energy is not clean, not renewable, and not part of any climate change solution, the California Democratic Party opposes further investment in developing nuclear energy, and the California Democratic Party calls on the California Congressional Delegation to sponsor legislation that prohibits appropriations in support of new or existing power plants, prohibits payments to communities for hosting a nuclear waste dump, authorizes research and development pertaining to safe storage of waste, authorizes research and actions to increase safety at current temporary sites, de-designates Yucca Mountain as a waste storage site, prohibits new interim storage, prohibits transport until infrastructure and equipment including containers are proved safe, defines consent for hosting a waste dump in terms of a fully informed electorate and a vote of the people, and affirms that siting must be in accordance with Executive Order 12898 ensuring environmental justice.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party will send copies of this resolution to each California Democratic member of Congress.




WHEREAS, half of all Californians are projected to retire in near poverty with the burden of retirement insecurity falling disproportionately on low-­wage workers, women, and people of color; and that only 45% of private sector workers in California have access to a retirement savings plan at work, and only 37% of those same workers participate in these plans; and


WHEREAS Social Security is America’s most successful anti-­poverty program, providing low and moderate wage earners with much-­needed guaranteed retirement income; and in order to be reliable for the workers who earn them, additional retirement benefits must be fully funded and safeguarded from market and employer volatility; and


WHEREAS State and Local public retirement systems are able to provide millions of American workers with retirement income for life, which prevent all Americans from falling into poverty as they age,  and which utilize an efficient, low-­cost and  professional approach for investing retirement assets, but private sector retirement security plans are being replaced by risky 401Ks or eliminated entirely; recognizing this, many States are either considering legislation or taking the first steps to create state-­ based programs for private sector worker retirement security that share risk, pool assets and negotiate low fees.


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee will support efforts at the Local, State, and National levels to improve and build upon the federal Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs; and will support efforts to set up State-­based programs to extend retirement security to private sector employees through payroll contributions invested in low-­cost, professionally managed plans overseen by a public board of trustees; and will support actions that protect and strengthen existing pension programs in both the public and private sector, including working to ensure that retirement funds are invested in a manner that benefits the interest of their participants, and


THEREFOR BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution will be sent to Governor Edmund G. Brown, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, Senate Pro Tem

Kevin de León, Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon, and California Democratic members of Congress, the State Senate, and the State Assembly.